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April 2016



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This journal mainly consists of my daily life, latest purchases, art, outfits, obsessions, hair updates, and occasionally rants. I use LJ as a sort of personal diary, and I try to put everything down in entries so I can look back at them later. Don't be afraid to add me, I don't bite :3 ::Also I try to post at least once a week.
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Hello。。。 (●^_^●)v

I came across your lj username a few times while surfing different communities (such as egl) and i think we have a few things in common and i must tell you how lovely i think you look (do i sound creepy? >_> i hope not! i just love your style and hair!) ★ミ

....I almost forgot to introduce myself.. my name is Maki, I'm 23 from Montreal, QC, Canada. I'm in East-Asian (japanese) studies at University of Montreal. I'm planning to move to Tokyo in the next year or so.I've been there in 2006 (for a month) you can check my other lj for pics shukketsuichigo ^_^

I'd like to add you as a friend if you don't mind! (の_の)



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Re: 失礼します~

Its alright, and Thank you! You're quite cute yourself >w<
I also plan to go to Tokyo and open a shop once I go through fashion college and whatnot~
Hi! I saw you on egl and I thought you looked really cute, can I please be added?
Yes! I've seen you on egl too :]
Hii~ I've seen you around a lot and I think you're really cute! Add~?
Hi, i noticed you were from Arizona, me too! Id love to meet more AZ lolitas!! im hosting a tea party with a friend for an upcoming anime con (saboten-con) and would love if you'd come! Thank You <3 SongJa
I might come! it really depends on if I have enough money at the time, but if I do I'll certainly go to the teaparty :]
Hii I just saw your post on the FRUiTS comm~ You're super duper cute *o* I'd love it if you added me back~ <3

We share a lot of common interests and lol basically all our favorite movies xDD <33
Of course I will, you sound cute yourself!
And hooray for movies :D
Sure! I'll add you back :]
I'm greatly into unnatural coloured hair dyeing and although our sense in fashion isn't really similar, I do love yours.

Adds pliss? >.
Sure and thanks! ♥
I'm definately always changing my hair, haha.
xheil_kitler's new journal
please add me again! ( ^-^)
Hello! I've seen you on dA before and I really think your Misa cosplay is very cute! ^^ Of course, then again, you are very cute from the pictures I have seen! xD

I also saw you on the AZ_Loli group I believe, and I like meeting as many Arizona Lolita as I can! ^^ I am interested in Lolita, but I do not wear it because I fear I am too tall to wear a dress and look decent...But, I admire those who do wear it!

Anyways, I don't want to write a novel here or anythimg, so I'll stop now!
Cool, I'll add you back! Its always nice to meet other locals that share the same intrests :]
Oops! I totally spaced out and forgot to ask if you'd add me ^^;;

So, add me please? ;D
I saw you in pink hair. May I add you?
Sure! I'll add you backk ♥
Hi! I've seen you on Fruits and I think you are so adorable.

Add, please?

Adding back ♥
Hello~ I've seen your posts in egl and everyday VK and I love your style~! :D

add back~?
Thanks! and sure :]
Hey you seem super neat. I hope you don't mind if I add you?
I don't mind at all!
adding back ♥
Hey I saw you in in_my_purse, I think we have similar interests and I love your hair. ass me back?
hahaha i meant ADD not ass.
I read some of your public entries and I fell in love! You are so kawaii! I loved your seattle post since I'm from WA hehe!

Add me pretty please with a cherry and sprinkles on top? :)!

aloha. i'm pandering after new swanky friends. how about an add? x
Added! ♥
add me?

we do have things in common~!♥
& added! :]
Added back, dear ♥
Adding, love :]
hey! you should add me back. i found you from yr comment on someone else's entry and you look cool. i have pink hair too so we could forge some kind of internation pink haired alliance! xxx
Haha yeah!
adding C:
awww, i want to be your friend :D
Okay! Added ♥
Hi! I saw you over a everyday_vk, your life seems really interesting, I'd love to have you as a friend :)
i saw you on everyday_vk and i think you are soooo cute!

reading your interests in your profile, we share many many of them! and i adore pink haired girls! ;9

Friends! :D
Hi there!
I saw you on everyday vk and thought you looked like the sweetest thing since sugar! Adding you because you seem interesting as well ^-^
Add back?
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